Troy Bolton
Biographical information
Full name

Troy Bolton


Bolton, T, My Man




15 September 1989

Resides in

134 High Lane, USA



Basketball Player

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Eye color


Personal information

Mrs. Bolton (mother)

Mr. Bolton (father)


Gabriella Montez (girlfriend)

Sharpay Evans

Ryan Evans


Taylor McKessie

Chad Danforth


Tiara Gold





Production information
First appearance

#High School Musical 1

Last appearance

High School Musical 3: Senior Year!

Portrayed by

Zac Efron

Troy Zac Bolton (born 15 September 1989, age 29) is one of the main protagonist of the High School Musical Series. He has a very big storyline in the movies, as he falls in love with shy girl, Gabriella

Montez at a New Years Eve party. Since then, their love for each-other has expanded. Troy was a former student, at East-High, and he graduated in August 2008. Him and his friends left behind a 'musical-legacy' which lasted forever.

Troy has a passion for Basketball, and is very good at it. At

certain times, it can interfere with his social-life. His father, Coach Bolton, who was the former basketball coach of East High, had pushed him to do well and to avoid distractions.

He is portrayed by Zac Efron.

Backstory Edit

Before High School Musical Edit

Troy was born at the mini Basketball Arena in Albuquerque (currently called Basketball Court! USA!) on Saturday 15 August, 1992 at 11:59pm to Mr and Mrs Bolton. His full life began when he was brought home. At the age of 6, Troy met Chad Danfoth and Zeke Taylor in Kindergarten. They later became best friends and in teenage years, enrolled at East High.

Relationships Edit

Gabriella Montez Edit

(2006-Present; Best-Friend, Girlfriend, Future Wife)

Gaberilla is the future wife and girlfriend of Troy. They met on New Years Eve 2006, when they were force to sing together.

Chad Danforth Edit

(2000-Present; Best-Friend)

Troy and Chad have been best friends since kindergarten. In the movies, they share a very great relationship storyline.

Zeke Taylor Edit

(2001-Present; Best-Friend)

Troy and Zeke are very good friends. They met in Kindergarten.

Jason Edit

(2004-Present; Best-Friend)

Jason and Troy met a few years before they both enrolled at East High. They are good friends.

Taylor McKessie Edit

(2007-Present; Best-Friends)

Taylor is a very good friend of Troy.

Sharpay Evans Edit

(2001-Present; Former Enemy, Best-Friends)

Sharpay has known Troy for a long time. In the first movie, she had a tiny crush on him, second film, saw Evans become an enemy to Troy, and in the end of HSM, they became best-friends.

Ryan Evans Edit

(2001-Present; Former Enemy; Best-Friends)

Ryan and Troy are good friends.

Kelsi Edit

(2006-Present; Best-Friends)

Kelsi is very good friends with Troy, since she helped the relationship of Gabriella and Troy, expand.